Residential Cleaning in Dublin

Once – off, Deep Clean in Dublin

The Simply Clean Team will get your property in a condition that’s easier to maintain and will reduce the time and money you invest in your cleaning chores. Our *one-off deep cleans are tailored to suit your circumstances, guaranteed to leave your property Simply Clean.

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* We do not offer hourly/weekly maid services.

Start of Tenancy-Landlords

Maximise your rental yield by having your property deep cleaned before viewing

Once your property is ‘Simply Clean’ we will provide you with a post-clean report. We recommend giving this report to your new tenant, benchmarking the standard you expect the property to be in at the end of the tenancy.

End of Tenancy-Tenants

Secure the return of your rental deposit and a glowing reference from your Landlord.

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Selling a Property?

A ‘Simply Clean’ personality free property is easier to sell. It signals to buyers that there will be less work to do when they move in and will help you get your asking price.

Home buyers behave like speed-daters. They will look up and down, sniff out bad odours and move on to the next opportunity if they don’t like what they sense within a minute.

When you want a second date you don’t just shower. You style your hair, manicure your nails and perfume your skin. Buyers need to feel like they are viewing their future home, not visiting your house. ‘Simply Clean’ it before you sell it.

Check out our full cleaning specs
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After The Party

 A little help from friends after a good party is not always on hand and sometimes you need extra muscle.

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Returning From Hospital

There is nothing more pleasant for a Mother returning home with a new addition to the family to be welcomed by a ‘Simply Clean’ home.

Hospitals can be noisy, stressful places and following a serious illness or surgery there’s nothing more conducive to recovery than one’s own home, that’s ‘Simply Clean’.

A ‘Simply Clean’ family home provides welcome respite for a primary caregiver who is juggling their own responsibilities with those of their loved one’s care.

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After the Builders

After The Builders

 PRO TIP 1 : On the day work completes, ask your builders to remove any stickers from windows, tiles and fixtures as well as any concrete, mortar or grout spills. These are more difficult to remove the longer they are left, and can add considerably to the cost and extent of the clean.

PRO TIP 2 :We recommend that you wait at least two days after the Contractors have finished to ‘let the dust settle’.


(Please note. We do not, as part of a new after-build service, remove packaging from white goods, nor do we remove splatter from tiles, windows, and flooring. Your builder is supposed to do that!)

Simply Clean has over 20 years experience in the Cleaning Solutions Industry, both here in Ireland and Overseas


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